Lansing Skating Club Membership

Membership Benefits:

  • USFS Membership
  • Subscription to Skating Magazine
  • Holiday Parties and Events
  • Subsidized Test Session Fees
  • Sanctioned test sessions, exhibitions, competitions, and ice shows
  • ​Clinics, seminars, and support for skaters, professionals, and volunteers


Membership Categories:

Standard: $150
Includes 1 U.S. Figure Skating membership. Standard members under 18 years old are required to have a parent member. Lansing Skating Club must be the designated home club.

Parent/Guardian: $0
This is a free membership for adults who are parents or guardians of a minor aged member. There is no charge for this membership. It includes a standard USFS membership.

Additional Standard: $50
Available to additional family members living in the same household as a Standard member. Includes one USFS membership.

Collegiate: $150
Includes one U.S. Figure Skating membership for 4 consecutive years for one registration fee.  Lansing Skating Club must be the designated home club.  Student must email a copy of their current and valid student I.D. to the Membership Chairperson.

Introductory: $75
Discounted membership rate for one year only, for those who have never been a full member or individual member of U.S. Figure Skating. Will be accorded all the benefits and privileges of membership.  No person can be an Introductory member for more than one year, even if his or her membership lapses. Parent/Guardian membership is required for all minor Introductory members.

Adult Non-Skater: $70
Includes one USFS membership for non-skating adults over the age of 18,(or recreational skating adults who do not compete or test).  Lansing Skating Club must be designated as the home club.

Professional: $70
Professional must be a PSA member in good standing with insurance.  Lansing Skating Club must be designated as the home club.  Professional Member may not be an actively competing skater. Competing skaters who are also coaches must be Standard Members.

Member Spouse: $20
Must be spouse of a Standard, Professional, or Adult Non-Skating member. Member Spouses may not be competing/testing skaters. This includes one USFS membership.

Associate: $75
Member must have a designated home club other than Lansing Skating Club.  Member may not vote or hold a Board or officer position. Member is ineligible for Club awards. Out-of-Club fee will be waived for Associate member testing at LSC test sessions.

Honorary: $0
Honorary members have been designated with this honor by the LSC Board of Governors.

Volunteer Hours:

Throughout the year, Lansing Skating Club hosts a variety of events and activities that benefit our members. In order for these events to run successfully, the contribution of all of our members through volunteerism is necessary. LSC has an expectation that each family fulfill the minimum volunteer requirements during the 2021-2022 membership year as described here:

  • VanCamp: 10 hours, 8 of which must be served on-site
  • Misc: 6 hours at or planning for events we hold during the year, such as Social Committee/Exhibitions, test sessions, annual banquet, serving on the Board, judging, etc. These hours may also be served at VanCamp
  • Introductory Members: 8 hours
  • Collegiate, Associate, and Honorary Members: Volunteer hours are encouraged but not required